Nicholas O'Neal Blume

 "where all can actually defend Earth with sms" US Intelligence collaboration ap fusion 17:30 8/30/1984 enlightened Georgia moments from Operation Fusileer’s tests of two nukes in Nevada highlighting me as the last with training since birth from Full Flying Col. Walter John Overend currently seeking your opportunities

US Intelligence collaboration ap fusion

where all can actually defend Earth with SMS


Lucid Dreams used as a monitor test, move mouse until you pass out


select one of three options of what to visualize while you lucid dream.


audio reminds you to move your hands in your mind.

when you pass out you stop moving the mouse and the audio stops reminding you of your hands.

only your selection of what to lucid dream is heard then.  email for AR controls allowing intricate controls of what to visualize.

you can also play your own audio of what to remind yourself to lucid dream.

email for the AR cellphone ap allowing you to be President Trump toggling cctv expansion of consciousness in the Oval Office ("observe and control battlefield"

"1st person command of troops" "fly F35... ground support" "Space Station Experiment...Space X is here" "mechanism of light time travel the universe to any thought throughout time"

"animal and plant life control" "assign tasks for Americans sleeping plugged in into the production grid" "add creative brain power to innovators with externalized minds")

US Intelligence collaboration ap fusion

where all can actually defend Earth with SMS


Apollo earned us the right to consume because we defend Earth


Aim screen at space light or simply keep space light and screen reflecting in eyes.


video with interactive orb shields.

other windows opened on top and shrunk to fit inside shields.


open 3d shields on your scrap plastic lens covered screens aimed at space light with your choice of program window centered.  I recommend shield open, then program window centered in shield, then program window closed, then finish shield layering.  the shields are designed to absorb distortion to the information your programs are sending.  Build mechanisms traversing horizons and time.     513 593 6037    US Intelligence collaboration ap fusion  "allowing all to actually defend Earth with SMS"

live painting/sketching that activates music sensors 3dwebgl and android ap rewriting starlight waves to particles UNDER CONSTRUCTION


export burial to Antarctica for 500$ then immortalize existence with externalizing consciousness from brains with lucid dreams used as a monitor

US Servicemens' Antarctica procession offers security while gathering people to the ports.

2000 impoverished U.S. daily deaths unable to afford cremation frees burial for everyone with donations from flooding the heart valve demand.