Nicholas O'Neal Blume

 "where all can actually defend Earth with sms" US Intelligence collaboration ap fusion 17:30 8/30/1984 enlightened Georgia moments from Operation Fusileer’s tests of two nukes in Nevada highlighting me as the last with training since birth from Full Flying Col. Walter John Overend currently seeking your opportunities     513 593 6037    US Intelligence collaboration ap fusion  "allowing all to actually defend Earth with SMS"

live painting/sketching that activates music sensors 3dwebgl and android ap rewriting starlight waves to particles UNDER CONSTRUCTION


export burial to Antarctica for 500$ then immortalize existence with externalizing consciousness from brains with lucid dreams used as a monitor

US Servicemens' Antarctica procession offers security while gathering people to the ports.

2000 impoverished U.S. daily deaths unable to afford cremation frees burial for everyone with donations from flooding the heart valve demand.